Lost Without You is a series of rituals performed and recorded in both private and public settings. Blindfolded, drenched in water or covered with banana leaves, these performances play on the idea of self-guidance. The work aims to highlight the awkwardness and conflict one can feel when encountering one’s heritage without a rite of passage.


Title: Sweatful Revelation

The performances are influenced by practices in the South-east Asian region, Binukot and Melutka.

Binukot; can be located in the southern Philippines, a tradition in which, elders of a village choose a child that they intend to teach their customs. The selectee is kept in isolation until puberty and make for great repositories of their histories. They usually end up being someone of  great spiritual important within that village.

Melutkat; is a water purification ceremony practised throughout Indonesian. Water is blessed by a brahmana (priest) and is then poured over a participate’s body. It’s believed this ceremony clears bad karma and acts an invitation for Naga (spirit) to enter the spiritual body.

Bathing, Reclaiming – Performance and video, duration 10:30 (approx)


Without Rite of Passage – Performance and video, duration 5:30 (approx)